How to make electronic music

Obviously I wasted no time in informing myself and testing the Music Producer course to give you my review.

Music Producer was born in 2016 with the promise to make you a Pro producer, with a diploma.

I, as you know, am a fan of the world of electronic music and so I decided to put myself to the test and test this course.

I also thought it was interesting because I consider Ableton one of the best platforms to produce this kind of music and the guys in the video course use the latest version.

First, however, I want to tell you my starting situation so that you can understand in what spirit I approached Music Producer:

  • It’s about 10 years that I have been trying to play in a band and produce music (and also electronic music). So I was looking for something that would make me improve and that would allow me to give an extra boost to some of my tracks that were too “flat”.
  • I don’t have a lot of time at my disposal and above all I’m one who gets bored right away if he doesn’t do something practical (do you know how many courses I bought, not just music, and I abandoned them because they didn’t get to the point? Lots of them).

So why should I give you advice? Because I’m not fasting on electronic music, I’m not starting from scratch and I’ve compared myself to other realities in this field. So I think I can give you some advice and my opinion on this electronic music course before you spend some money!

Now let’s get down to business, in the next paragraphs I wanted to tell you:

  • how the course is set up, how are the lessons
  • for who is suitable
  • what you need to start the Music Producer course
  • my final review on Music producer

What is Music Producer, the gym for making electronic music?

I wanted to try this course that explains how to make electronic music because I was intrigued by the reviews, their Facebook page and some producers who told me about it.

Music Producer proclaims itself the first gym for producer Pro: and actually I can’t say otherwise. In fact it has a monthly subscription (just like gyms) that includes:

  • 3 lessons per month
  • 1 streaming lesson per month (plus all the ones they have already done in the past months and are currently more than 50)
  • Facebook group access

The complete “subscription” path lasts nine months and at the end you will be awarded the Pro producer’s diploma. After the nine months you continue to have access to streaming lessons and you can be part of the reserved Facebook group.

The fact of “unlocking” three lessons per month helps you to immediately put into practice the techniques that are in each video. It’s ideal if you need to have a guided path and be followed lesson after lesson: this way you gradually learn different techniques in each lesson and you can put them into practice right away.

The streaming lessons they call LIVECLASS, in my opinion, are one of the coolest things because you keep improving and learning new things.

Imagine that after you’ve learned all of Ableton’s most important techniques and tricks with the course, you can continue to perfect yourself and confront professional teachers and other students.

In the liveclass I always found new and updated techniques and I could ask questions directly to the teacher who would answer me instantly.

I already know that you are asking yourself: “But what if I want the whole course?” It’s the same thing that I asked myself and in Music producer you can also find an annual or lifetime subscription.

The lifetime is the one I chose because it gives the possibility to unlock all the levels immediately. And since some weeks I have more free time than others, I preferred to have all the lessons available so I could see as many as I want at any time.

So if:

  • you want all lessons now
  • you want to learn how to make electronic music faster
  • you want the producer pro diploma now
  • you want to have all your videos forever

How to make electronic music with Music Producer: for whom is the course suitable?

I admit that studying how to make electronic music is not an easy choice. I see many courses around that always have the same flaw: too much theory.
Then it will be that I’m a practical one and I’d rather get into Ableton right away than listen to boring theoretical lessons.

As you know, I already knew how to do something with Ableton and in the Music Producer course I found perfect lessons for me that are “more advanced”. I’ve been dealing with very advanced students who have perfected some techniques such as arranging, remixing, writing or sculpting sound.

But I have to say that the lessons are explained so simply and gradually that they are perfect even for those who start from scratch.

I’ve also met some of the guys in the course (and I’ve also read various experiences in the Facebook group) and I’ve had confirmation that there are students who really started from scratch and got their Producer Pro diploma starting from Ableton’s basics like a loop, basses, inserting the voice in the tracks and so on.

The method of Music Producer to create electronic music is emulation and I would also add practice since you can go straight to work on Ableton. It’s no coincidence that their method is called Fast&Free and it guarantees you’ll learn how to create electronic music with Ableton 10 times faster than with other systems and courses.